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Our Values

Our Values

We don't just carry products; we know that we carry hope, future, happiness and life.
We are the role model company for our competitors in our industry.

We generate flexible, smart solutions tailored to the needs of our customers; we offer comprehensive service worldwide. We're happy to provide long-term service to our customers and establish long-term cooperation with our business partners. Our goal of excellent service results in our customers and business partners fully trusting us. We demonstrate our ability to respond with agility even under the most challenging conditions. In addition to contributing to our own industry, we're taking steps to increase the contribution of our industry to other sectors.
Innovation is one of our most important values. Thus, we enable our customers to make use of evolving technological, social and environmental benefits. Following the innovations, we aim to produce innovations and continue R&D studies. As SKY Logistics, we're proud of our ability to nurture innovation and provide innovative solutions in line with changing industrial needs with both our internal and external partners.
By predicting the future with our past experiences, we always utilize innovations to provide the better.
SustainabilityBetter is always possible for us and we work for a better world. Our perspective on sustainability is our responsibility toward people, the planet and future generations. We respect people, nature and the environment. At SKY Logistics, we plan all our business processes by prioritizing sustainability. We continue to work not only for success, but also by taking into account our economic, environmental and social impacts. In addition, we're constantly updating our sustainability plans in accordance with the conditions.
Our goal is to implement strategies that will reduce negative environmental impacts and make savings for our business partners.
PerfectionismAs SKY Logistics, with our perfectionism approach, we aim to create value for our customers, our company, people and the world. For this purpose, we also have a perfectionist service approach. We're striving not only to do a good job but also to do it in the best way. We pay attention to details while reshaping the whole. We forecast all our business processes step by step, starting from planning.
In Perfectionism
“Our 3P Understanding”:
  • Plan
  • Professionalism
  • Personal
We use our professionalism while making special planning for our customers.
QualityAt SKY Logistics, we prepare our plans, procedures and processes in accordance with quality-oriented excellence standards. Thereby, we're able to commit to providing value to our customers. Our key performance indicator shows that we've met our goals in customer satisfaction, apart from administrative data.
We reshape our services in accordance with the state of the world, industry, technology, economy and the conditions of our customers. We can offer proactive solutions to our customers immediately by making new plans for any change in the supply chain or our workflow.
Our quality-oriented standards of excellence play a role in our success!
Safety and securityAt SKY Logistics, safety and security are a priority. It's one of our goals to perform our services effectively, safely and securely. On the way to this goal, we strictly implement our safety standards and procedures.
Logistics is one of the sectors where safety and security are vital. In addition to all the processes including receipt of the product from the sender to its delivery to the receiver, there is also the safety and security of the facilities and warehouses, data and employees.

At SKY Logistics, we predetermine safety and security steps, depending on what our cargo is, in all types of logistics, especially transportation of dangerous goods, short-lived product logistics, and cold chain logistics.
We manage our facilities and warehouses using a building control system and protect them against threats such as weather conditions, fire and unauthorized entry with advanced technology. We frequently have our building control system checked and documented by specialist institutions.

A non-smoking policy is implemented in our facilities and warehouses.

We provide our teams with safety and security trainings through authorized training companies, we conduct drills, and we regularly repeat these trainings for full competence.
One of the biggest assurances that we can keep the promises we make to our customers in our services is the priority we give to safety and security.
OUR MANIFESTOOur promise: Strong collaboration, agility, courage, care, transparency, honesty and trust.
Researching, developing, setting forth perfection.
Providing the highest quality service with our standards of excellence in our business processes and procedures.
Valuing knowledge for best results; being open-minded, listening to our customers and business partners and thus going the extra mile.
Creating value through collaboration. ?
Safety is our top priority, both in our services and in occupational health.
The origin of our success is enabling our team to continue their work with passion.