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Road Freight

Road Freight

Road FreightIf you work with an expert and experienced logistics company like SKY Logistics, which has a strong infrastructure, will produce flexible and advantageous opportunities, offer economic privileges, determine a special route, team and equipment for you and your cargo, follow your cargo at any time, and is passionate about its work, you can lean on your back and enjoy your product delivery. As SKY Logistics, we carry all kinds of products to anywhere worldwide, generate special solutions for you and ensure that your product reaches its exact destination on time. We provide a reliable operational service by choosing a dynamic route to optimize the use of payloads and increasing visibility.

We support your development unlimitedly with our extensive integrated network covering Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa. As an expert and experienced supply chain solutions provider, we manage your inbound and outbound flows with our carefully selected, trusted business partners. We provide the most cost-effective delivery solutions possible, not only in road freight, but in all freight modes.

Our road freight services:

  • Ability to load 24/7/365
  • Transport without transfer
  • Online tracking and monitoring
  • Delivery to your warehouses and sales points via our integrated network
  • Daily pickup, scheduled or on-demand
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Partial and complete shipments
  • *Insurance
  • *Consolidation through our national and international network of headquarters
  • *Customized solutions tailored to your products and buyers


We offer door-to-door, complete or partial shipment services without any volume limitation and provide road freight at airspeed with reasonable price advantage.


We carry your cargo with regular schedules, offer price advantages and deliver in reasonable times.


We transport all your cargo with no time limit with flexible route options and deliver cost advantage.


Our service, in which we offer more flexibility with options tailored to your needs and your cargo and in which we deliver to any destination on days and at times exclusive to you...
  • Delivery on Saturday
  • Collection and delivery by appointment
  • Payment at the door
  • Onsite delivery
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Import and export declaration
  • Consumption Tax management
  • Tax representation in 28 European Union countries, Norway and Switzerland.
  • Delivery after 18.00