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Fiscal Representation

Fiscal Representation

Fiscal RepresentationAs SKY Logistics, a licensed and experienced fiscal representative, we undertake the general or limited fiscal representations of our non-EU customers covering their import/export VAT obligations. With our fiscal representation experts, we prepare tax rules and regulations as your tax agent in the EU, and offer a service that will maximize our customers' financial advantages.

With our Fiscal Representation Office, which provides distinctive benefits for all buyers in the EU, you gain unlimited trade opportunities in Europe, get time and cost optimization, you don't need a new company investment, you don't need to pay VAT in advance. We share our office that we have organized for this purpose with our customers who need to establish a permanent office for financial representation due to EU regulations.

Our customers can gain competitive advantages with our Logistics, Customs and Financial Representation services.

Our fiscal representation services:

  • Monthly report
  • Control and engineering of invoicing flows
  • Legal support
  • Management of VAT and Intrastat declarations
  • Guidance in financial and customs inspections
  • Legislation follow-up
  • Office usage
  • Technical consultancy
  • Legal compliance
  • Local VAT record