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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage SolutionsOur aim at SKY Logistics is to serve our customers in the areas they need us and provide competitive advantage. For this purpose, we offer effective, efficient and comprehensive service for strategically important Storage Solutions, in addition to other services. With our storage solutions, you can get rid of investment costs, reduce inventory level and administrative management expenses with effective inventory management, achieve high turnover rates, increase your security standards and reduce your risks. You can meet customer demands more easily thanks to new technological developments. We maintain our Storage Solutions, which bring many advantages, with our expert staff, state-of-the-art technology, know-how and extensive infrastructure, and differentiate them according to developing needs and technology. We provide information to our customers 24/7 with our advanced Storage Management System program.

Our storage solutions services:

  • Packaging and consumables management
  • In-warehouse value-added services (packaging, customer-specific barcoding, checking manufacture/expiry date, checking lot/batch numbers, labeling, repackaging, combining parcels, assembly, shrink packaging, palletizing/depalletizing)
  • In-warehouse stock management and tracking systems
  • Inventory management
  • Integrations with external systems such as ERP
  • Return management
  • Return, quarantine good management
  • Value added solutions
  • Receipt of goods
  • Sampling
  • Palletizing
  • Insurance
  • Order preparation, waybill and invoicing services
  • Order management
  • Loading, unloading, collection and packaging services

Customs Bonded Storage

At SKY Logistics, we provide services with regular management, planning and project processes for bonded warehousing with our expert teams and equipment. In order to meet your needs in logistics, we offer storage solutions with automation systems that can serve different purposes. We provide value-added services with our storage optimization that will help our customers save time and impart cost advantages.

Goods entering the EU customs territory from outside can be stored at EU customs. When products are stored in this way, import duties or other import duties are not payable. In addition, certain trade and agricultural policy measures, import bans and import restrictions are not enforced. As SKY Logistics, we hold the necessary license for the storage of goods under customs control in the warehouse.

When products are sent to the European Union (EU), they normally have to go through customs. This causes import duties and VAT to be paid. It's possible to store the products in the warehouse for an unlimited period of time. During this period, taxes and VAT are payable. Taxes and VAT have to be paid when products are sold to an EU customer. Products can be held in transit if the customer is located in a non-EU country, which means that products are transported from the bonded warehouse as security and only taxes and VAT are payable in the country of destination.