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Life Sciences & Healthcare Logistics

Have you ever benefited from the services of a logistics company that will understand your needs and find solutions for your life sciences and healthcare logistics? Are you looking for global, fast, reliable and customized solutions for your supply and distribution needs?
As SKY Logistics, we offer compatible, safe, efficient transportation and logistics solutions with our team of experts in the requirements of life sciences and healthcare logistics... We're aware that the smallest disruption will threaten human health and result in major complicated problems. Our first rule in life sciences and healthcare logistics is to protect materials, ensure hygiene and guarantee people's health.

Our Life Sciences & Healthcare Logistics Services

  • Pre-opening delivery, delivery after 18.00 or overnight delivery
  • Cross-Docking
  • Consulting (customs, tax, compliance, rules and regulations)
  • End-to-end transportation by rail: China-Europe trade line
  • Storage
  • Express shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Door-to-door integrated and tailored solutions: Transport and logistics
  • Door-to-door operational and document management
  • Value-added service solutions (order preparation, packaging, cross-docking, repackaging, kitting, fixing alarms, labeling, assembly and similar solutions)
  • Customized and improved customer services
  • Global supply chain support
  • Lashing
  • Planning transport orders
  • Point to point ocean freight
  • Point to point air freight
  • Online tracking system
  • Reefer Container - High cube Container
  • Private or multi-client consolidation solutions: Warehousing or cross-docking, customs bonded storage
  • Performance management (KPIs)
  • Reporting
  • Competitive pricing
  • Insurance
  • Order management
  • Control Tower System to synchronize orders and deliveries and gain full visibility
  • Keeping standard or lowbed or hydraulic vehicles available
  • Delivery for standard, urgent or specific dates
  • International transport (freight transport): Air freight, sea freight, road freight, railway freight
  • Road analysis
  • Road permits

The advantages we offer to our customers:

  • We're reducing inventory levels.
  • We're reducing safety stock.
  • We're reducing administrative burden and cost.
  • We're improving supply chain visibility.
  • We identify supply chain risks and contingency plans, and comply with rules and regulations.
As SKY Logistics, we manage all processes of life sciences and healthcare logistics, ranging from disposal process management to order management, real-time online process tracking, customer complaint management, value-added services to return management, from a single point, thus saving labor, time and cost. We provide economic advantage by finding the optimized combination of procurement process and logistics cost. We also offer innovative solutions for your products that require controlled temperature. We guarantee that you'll benefit from our fully compatible solutions in our life sciences and healthcare logistics service. In life sciences and healthcare logistics, we train our teams for regularly updated information, and carefully select and audit our business partners.

Our services specific to life sciences and healthcare logistics:

  • Temperature-controlled supply chain
  • Support for clinical trials and product launches
  • Detailed risk assessment process
  • Special vehicles and GPS tracking
  • Tracking 24/7/365
  • Value-added service solutions (customs operations management, document management, qualified packaging)
  • Secure storage and transport solutions
  • 3 temperature levels:
  • -22°C
  • +2°C to +8°C
  • +15°C to +25°C
  • Temperature monitoring and control 24/7/365
  • Multimodal transport solutions: Transport by air, sea, rail and road
  • Qualified packaging solutions including active and passive thermal solutions
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Management of urgent deliveries
  • Temperature-controlled storage and transportation
  • First flight ascent/landing
  • Charter flights
  • Exclusive road services
  • Special deliveries in hospitals
Inbound Logistics
At SKY Logistics, we offer services that meet the highest standards in the transportation of pharmaceutical products and implement creative procedures for sourcing, expediting and receiving products. We also generate controlled temperature solutions specific to your industry to meet your needs.
Outbound Logistics
As SKY Logistics, we ensure national and international distribution of your products in accordance with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) on a global scale to support your logistics process from production to distribution. We consider factors covering all possible scenarios for optimal storage, packaging and transportation of goods.
Express Logistics
At SKY Logistics, we have experienced teams and special equipment that will enable us to provide instant solutions when you encounter an emergency or unexpected situation. In planned or unplanned operations; SKY Logistics provides solutions for emergencies such as vital emergency, special transport to the hospital, delivery of parts for MRI or emergency medical devices or special medical treatment for a patient 24/7/365. Regardless of the criticality of the emergency, we provide fast, controlled, GDP (Good Distribution Practices )-compliant services within the requested time frame, generating the fastest solutions in logistics.
Life sciences and healthcare logistics are the job of professionals, just like us!