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High Tech & Consumer Electronics Logistics

If quality, cost, time, technology and supply continuity factors, which are critical for high tech & consumer electronics logistics, are all important to you… Are you looking for global, fast, reliable and customized solutions for your supply and distribution needs?
As SKY Logistics, we provide integrated, single-source logistics solutions covering high technology and electronic supply chain in line with the developing technology in accordance with the needs of our customers, ranging from production to delivery. Courtesy of our customized solutions, we optimize production processes and reduce your costs. With our collaborations, we meticulously plan your supply chain to accelerate the flow of your materials and products. We ensure safe and secure delivery of high tech and consumer electronics that require care during transportation, storage and unloading.

Advantages of single-source logistics:

  • Easier tracking of deliveries
  • Easy and fast communication with the supplier
  • Preventing waste of resources
  • Reduced supply and communication costs
  • Mitigated risks
With our solutions for high tech & consumer electronics logistics projects, we offer facilities, including finding the ideal lead time and logistics cost for our customers, improving customer services, reducing inventory levels and safety stock, reducing administrative burden and cost, improving supply chain visibility, identifying supply chain risks and creating contingency plans.

Our High Tech & Consumer Electronics Logistics Services:

  • Cross-Docking
  • Consulting (customs, tax, compliance, rules and regulations)
  • End-to-end GOH (Garment On Hanger/ Palletized) transportation by rail: China-Europe trade line
  • Storage
  • Dynamic flow engineering
  • Express shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Return management
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Door-to-door integrated and tailored solutions: Transport and logistics
  • Door-to-door operational and document management
  • Value-added service solutions (order preparation, packaging, cross-docking, repackaging, kitting, fixing alarms, labeling, assembly and similar solutions)
  • Customized and improved customer services
  • Global supply chain support
  • Lashing
  • Transfer management between stores
  • Planning transport orders
  • Point to point ocean freight
  • Point to point air freight
  • Online tracking system
  • Private or multi-client consolidation solutions: Warehousing or cross-docking, customs bonded storage
  • Reporting
  • Competitive pricing
  • Insurance
  • Order management
  • Control Tower System to synchronize orders and deliveries and gain full visibility
  • Delivery for standard, urgent or specific dates
  • International transport (freight transport): Air freight, sea freight, road freight, railway freight
  • Road analysis
  • Road permits

The advantages we offer to our customers:

  • We know you and we know your business.
  • We successfully perform our global logistics projects through our comprehensive services, our universal operating system, and full control of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) worldwide in door-to-door shipments.
  • We carry out handling in cross-dock operations and ensure full control.
  • We maintain close communication throughout the process.
  • We work with a professional team that knows the difficulties of high tech & consumer electronics industry and logistics.
  • We offer the advantage of frequent flights and flexibility in flights.
  • We have full knowledge of customs rules and regulations that result in reduced/optimized import duty payments.
We are looking forward to offering you our privileged services for your high tech and customer electronics logistics needs!