SKY Group offers the following value added logistics services, which focus on physical activities:

  • Build to order
  • Packing
  • Repacking
  • Assembly

Build to order

Build to order (BTO) focuses on the transformation of parts into finished products. The production is driven by actual customer orders. The main driver of a BTO process is to accommodate flexible customer orders and requirements with production runs. This optimizes allocation of orders to production infrastructure and resources. The finished products are already assigned to customer orders; they will be shipped via fast but optimized logistics configurations to the final customers.

An inventory point can be located at the start of the manufacturing process. This inventory can be in-house at the manufacturer location or can be located at a vendor hub managed by the supplier or by SKY Group. This inventory is stand-by inventory to facilitate the start of the production run. In most cases these inventory locations are at a strategic location close to the production locations.



SKY Group provides a full-scale packing program in order to present goods to customers and/or distributors in the best possible way.



Often goods are shipped and stored in export cartons. In many cases there is a requirement to change the packing configuration when the goods are sold in the European market. We provide flexible, scalable and cost effective packing services to meet the demands of the European market.



Displays are an essential tool to attract consumers in the retail channel. We provide assembly services for displays including the delivery into the European market.

Benefits of SKY Group packing services:

  • Creating economies of scale/using our buying power
  • Local sourcing
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Minimize stock movements
  • Swift reaction to demands from the global market

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