Turn Fixed costs into variable costs… Let us repack and prepare your textiles, in Asia

Direct delivery from production to customer so you avoid carrying twice!

With SKY GROUP’ Textile Handling concept you can leave pick and pack, repacking, labelling and dispatch of your textile products to us. Our Textile Handling concept is designed for companies with textile production or sourcing in Asia. By outsourcing your logistics and warehousing operation to our Asian Textile hub, close to the source of the product, you achieve the following benefits:

  • You save costs
  • You save time
  • You save trouble

We offer a flexible, individual and careful handling of your textiles, and forward them to your customers or shops – packed and labelled exactly as you want. We offer:

  • Pick Pack by style, colour, size, etc.
  • Pick pack by sales order
  • Marking, cross-marking, price tags, barcodes
  • Put on hangers
  • Repacking
  • Quality control
  • Direct from production to end user


A reliable route to China for both manufactures and contractors

Manufacturers and contractors of the Chinese wind turbine industry will benefit greatly from the SKY GROUP concept “ONE STEP CHINA”. The concept is developed in cooperation with Chinese partners and constitutes a complete solution where we handle your products and components throughout the supply chain, from production to final delivery to end user – Just in Time!

The way “ONE STEP CHINA” is constructed it enables you to choose exactly the services you need and which ones you want to take care of yourself.

“ONE STEP CHINA” covers:

  • Advice regarding tariffing of your products in China
  • Storage in bonded warehouse
  • Delivery from bonded warehouse to final customer – Just in Time
  • Consolidated container transport directly from Europe to bonded warehouse – without cost increasing reloads
  • Minimal risk of damages as transport is direct and the container seal remains unbroken until arrival at the warehouse

If you have a preferred customs broker in China we will be glad to handle the transport. Should you require advice regarding choice of customs broker, we will recommend a partner with thorough knowledge of renewable energy products and components.

SKY GROUP offer simple and transparent pricing without any unpleasant surprises. You are more than welcome to contact us for an informal dialogue of any specific task – and we will offer you a reliable solution at a competitive price.

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